Clad Plates - Post Banding Operation

Post Banding
Heat Treatment
Explosion Bonding is performed in a remote isolated area.
Plates with thk less than 50mm are straightened on Rolling Machine. Plates with thk more than 50mm are straightened on Hydraulic Machine.
Edge Cutting
Plates are cut to desired size on CNC cutting Machine.
After Explosion Bonding Plates are Ultrasonically tested for Bonding Quality as per SA578 level C + S1 + S7
Unbonded area are repaired by Weld Overlay.
Test coupon testing
Clad coupon testing as per ASME SA264/265,B432 are carried out in laboratory under TPI.
Surface Preparation
Acid cleaning and Passivation of Clad surface done prior to packing.
We offer final product to TPI/Client Representative for final dimensions inspection and document review as per code requirement.
Clad Plates are packed in corrugated paper and scratch free surface protection with self sticking covering.