• Clad Plates are packed with proper Polyethylene Sheets with additional protective cover on Clad Sides to protect the surface.
  • These Clad Plates are clubbed together on Wooden Pallet for safe transit.
  • It takes 3 days maximum for packing after final clearance.
  • Carbon Steel Heads are packed in steel crates with anticorrosion paints.
  • Stainless Steel and Clad Heads are packed in wooden crates with surface protection by applying plastic coats.
  • Crates are designed to facilitate easy handling at the final destination.
  • Crates are designed by calculating the weight, dimension, shape and size of the Heads.
  • As ICEM is located 65 kilometers from Mumbai Seaport and Airport, the maximum reaching time to the port is one day.
  • Customs clearance takes 4 working days maximum.