Health, Safety & Environment

General Principles

Effective management of our Workshop to minimize their impact on the environment, human health and safety.

We pursue continual improvement in our EHS performance by designing, implementing and maintaining an EHS management system and programs to achieve the principles specified in this policy.

Environmental Principles

We are concerned about environmental impact of our production process and trying to search for sensible innovations to reduce the impact of our production on the environment.

We prevent pollution at the source wherever and whenever possible.

We conduct regular training programs at our Plants to promote a Clean & Green environment.

Health and Safety Principles

All employees are responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. The health and safety of our employees and of our work environment is integral to our productivity and success.

All employees are expected to conduct business in a safe and efficient manner and to adhere to all safety policies and procedures.

We believe that accidents are preventable.

The ICEM EHS Management System includes the assignment of responsibility for illness and injury prevention to Managers, Supervisors and Employees. Mechanisms for periodic inspections, hazard assessments and corrective/preventive action are established and maintained. We maintain an “open door” policy to address employee safety concerns and suggestions and encourage communication with management and co-workers about working conditions perceived to be unsafe or hazardous, and respond appropriately. We incorporate appropriate safety and health considerations into our daily job duties and business decisions. We operate and maintain equipment, facilities and processes in a safe manner.

We conduct proper training programs duly audited at all of our Works.